Syracuse Silver Knights teaching CNY youth

Silver Knights' star Vittorio Petrara signs a young camper's shirt.

Everywhere you look in Central New York, soccer accomplishments are growing in rapid fashion.

The Empire United girls soccer squad has qualified for the National Championships and The SU mens soccer team made it to the Sweet 16 with local talent leading the way.

So it should be no surprise that our local soccer team, The Syracuse Silver Knights is helping to cultivate that local talent with soccer camps around Central New York.

We caught up with the Knights' camp at the North-area YMCA where it was evident that kids weren't just having a great time, they were looking mighty impressive taking shots on the net.

"The game has grown a lot obviously. You know I started around here, I grew up in Central New York, and I attended camp like this all the way from when I was five until I was 16. It's gotten a lot bigger, soccer here in Central New York. You can just drive around the city, and you'll see kids playing in the parks. We've had camps the last two years, and they've grown tremendously. A lot of kids that are starting out young, you see as they get older they start to love the game more and they keep up with it and they play when they get older" Vittorio Petrara of the Silver Knights says.

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