T-Shirts allow fans to root on Tully High School grad Lopez Lomong while helping his charity

The front of the shirt reads "Pride of Tully"

It's a great way to root on a Central New York Olympian, and help out his charity in the process.

Katie Hatch of Tully,came up with idea of selling the shirts as a way of showing how proud the community is for Lopez Lomong and 100% of the proceeds go to his charity "4 South Sudan".

Lomong is running in the 5000 meter race in the 2012 games.

With the creative help of Holy Shirt! The t-shirt you see in the picture was created. It reads "Pride of Tully" on the front with the "LL" in Tully written in red for Lopez's initials and his likeness seen in those letters. The back of the shirt is more commemorative with his name and the 2012 games shown.

"We're all so proud that someone from Tully is running in the Olympics and we're just so excited" says Hatch.

Holy Shirt! owner John Groat expressed his company's excitement to get in the Olympic spirit and help out a great cause. "In our 25 years we have been proud to be associated with some of the brighter spots in Syracuse sports history & Lopez Lomong is one of those brighter spots" says Groat.

Lomong's 4 South Sudan Fund provides food, water, medical and other needs for the South Sudanese people. Lomong escaped South Sudan by running for days, eventually he made his way to the U.S. as a refugee and was taken in by a family in Tully. Lomong was a superstar, as you can imagine for the Cross-Country and Track teams at Tully High School.

You can buy the shirts here or at Encore Video in Tully.