The Scoop on the # 1 Syracuse Orange

Orange Senior Scoop Jardine has come a long way since arriving at SU five years ago, and his leadership so far this season is a big reason why the # 1 Orange are still undefeated at 20-0.

"He's the only leader on the team-he is the leader of this team," says Head Coach Jim Boeheim, "he is the only vocal leader. He is a guy who will make plays and is not afraid to make plays-good plays. When he shoots the ball well he is one of the best point guards in the league, if not the best point guard in the league."

Jardine has developed the knack of bringing out the best in his teammates, even if his statistics
don't stand out on a game to game basis. Jardine did manage 12 points and 10 assists against Pittsburgh on Monday night, and credits his improved feel for the game for his senior success so far.

"For me I play off of instinct. You see things over and over, and there are times when we run the pick and roll, I know where the defense helps so much because I've watched a lot of film."

Scoop admits that

the extra hunger game in and game out, and the very reason why he came back for a 5th year, is because he wants nothing less than to win a National Championship.

"They need me to play 25, 30 minutes, I'm there for them. If I only have to play 15 a night, I'm here for them. I'll play the best possible 15 minutes I can play and if I do that, then it's easy for the younger guys to see that and try to do that. That's really leading, leading by example. That's the thing why I came back for this team and I've been here all year long. There are times where I play less minutes than the younger guys, but for the most part I was still there cheering and at the end of the day we got wins and that is all that matters."