Turning Stone's Golf Dome shows off the latest technology

Turning Stone Resort and Casino is known for having some of the best golf courses in the area, if not the state. Now though, it's showing off its state of the art technology.

Located in the Golf Dome, is a new gadget called "Flightscope". This machine is set up behind the golfer, and measures all sorts of data based on the players swing. From there, the pros at Turning Stone can analyze what that person should change about their swing and how to become a better golfer. Not only does it measure things like the distance the ball traveled, or the loft but also the exact angle the club made contact with the ball.

That's just the tip of the iceberg too. Based on all of that data, the machine tells you what type of club, shaft and loft you should be using for every club in your bag. Flightscope will be on full display at Turning Stone's grand opening of the expansion of the golf dome on January 14th. But for a sneak peak, click the video player, and see how it helped out Niko Tamurian.