Two SU football players accused of burglary dismissed from team for violation of team rules

Davon Walls

Syracuse University head football coach Scott Shafer has dismissed two SU football players

accused of burglary

from the football team due to a violation of team rules.

Markus Pierce-Brewster, a junior defensive end, and Davon Walls, a junior defensive tackle, have been dismissed from the football team. Police say they broke into a South Campus apartment and stole electronics. They're accused of entering a South Campus apartment on February 23 and stealing a TV, Xbox, iPods, and video games.

The victims of that burglary, Erwing Augustin and Bradley Valik, are then accused of breaking into two other apartments to take items to replace the ones stolen from them.

Felony burglary is considered a Class C violent felony, punishable by 5-15 years in state prison.