USBC Women's Championships kick off in Syracuse

And with a "mass bowl" where 36 bowlers looked for a strike simultaneously, the USBC Womens Championship kicked off in Syracuse. For 88 days from April 7 through July 3rd over 5,000 teams of bowlers (over 25,000 bowlers total) will go for the top average in each division to emerge as champion.

Don't be confused there won't be 25,000 bowlers here at one time, the average bowler will only be around for a few days, while they play and work on their average. April 27th is a huge day for the event, as ESPN will do a live broadcast on ESPN2 at 8pm for the Queens Championship.

To the bowlers, especially local ones, this is a huge opportunity. However, it could be an even greater opportunity for the City of Syracuse. With that many people here in town, the USBC expects $40 million to be pumped into the Syracuse area economy.