Valley Stallions Pop Warner earns spot in Super Bowl- but needs your help getting there

While most of us were settling in for Thanksgiving dinner, the Valley Stallions Pee Wee Pop Warner team was traveling.

They were with family, of course, as the team has come together as one and that was proven over the holiday weekend.

The 10 and 11 year olds from Syracuse won the Eastern Regional Championship in Washington D.C. A tremendous accomplishment which comes with the ultimate prize- a spot at the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Disney World!

The problem is, there's a huge obstacle in the way. The team must raise at least $50,000 to make this trip happen, and they need the money by Thursday. Needing to commit to the game by Tuesday. (Donate here)

A helpless situation for a team, that grinded on Friday in that title game, helping itself to a 7-6 title win now has its fate completely out of its hands. It's final hope is in the potential generosity of our community.

"Outside of football, this is something that these kids may never have" says Valley Assistant Coach James Austin. "They're from the neighborhood that, the most they'll ever get to do is hopefully make it to college. So let this be an opportunity for them to experience something they've never experienced before and through sports be able to go to Disney World....and it's more than just football, these kids have learned a lot and have excelled in school to be able to hopefully play for the right to win a national championship" Austin added.

You can donate to help out the Stallions via their paypal account found here. Valley is a 501c3, which means if you or your business donates, it's tax deductable.

A goal that, on the first day of practices on a 90 degree day on August 1st seemed like a pipe dream has now been earned.

Now, the Stallions can just hope that their hard work will be rewarded.