Video: Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes talk '88 fight, most memorable fight...and The Notebook?

Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes laugh as they talk about their memories of boxing and fighting each other.

Hall of Fame boxing legends Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes came together for a conversation about boxing and life at Turning Stone Casino's Showroom on Wednesday.

Dubbed "Kings of the Ring: A Conversation with Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes" the two fighters talked about their fight back in January of 1988, when Tyson knocked out Holmes in the fourth round.

"It's great to look back and see things and look back and reminisce," Holmes said. "We fighters don't have animosity towards each other. If they do, they don't have a good heart...whatever happens in the ring, happens in the ring."

The two fighters laughed as they recounted their fight, something they recalled with respect for each other, even if Tyson knocked down Holmes three times en route to the knockout.

They laughed as Mike Tyson revealed that he gets emotional when watching The Notebook. Larry Holmes said he'd probably start crying if he saw Tyson tearing up. Holmes denied watching any kind of romantic movie, saying he watches gangster movies and cowboy shows.

Tyson is in town as a part of his Iron Mike Productions, promoting this Friday's "Friday Night Fights" at Turning Stone, featured on ESPN.

"I really want to convey that I'm very grateful to be here, I'm pretty much a local boy, I'm from two and a half hours from here in Catskill, NY, and coming here I have the opportunity to see my high school friends who are now grown like I am who come and visit to support me," Tyson said.

Tyson and his boxers will meet the media in a news conference open to the public on Thursday at noon in the Turning Stone Showroom.