Was Hunt's performance enough to secure the starting role?

Jerome Smith scores touchdown in SU's win over Wagner.

Head coach Scott Shafer had plenty of praise for sophomore quarterback Terrel Hunt after his three touchdown, 265-yard performance in SUâ??s 54-0 win over Wagner on Saturday.

But that doesnâ??t mean heâ??s ready to name him sole proprietor of the Orange quarterback position just yet.

â??It's a long season in college football and we've got two guys who haven't played a ton of football. We have to be able to win with either of them," said Shafer. "With that being said, walking off I'm really excited about the way Terrel played. But we've got to look at the big picture too and say realistically both of those kids need to be ready to play to make sure the position is consistent."

Hunt was as consistent against Wagner as he was lethal. Taking things over for Syracuse's fourth drive of the game, Hunt lead the Orange on scoring drives in seven straight series to push the lead from 3-0 to 47-0 by the time Drew Allen was handed the reigns back late in the third quarter.

But Shafer cautions against getting too swept up in one performance.
"You always have to be careful. It's never as good as it seems. It's never as bad as it seems. Somewhere in between is the reality...but you have to be careful looking at the talent level that you're going against." While Shafer gave credit to the FCS opponent, he made sure to point out the disparity between the this week's competition and the two teams that Syracuse faced to open the season. "We had two Big Ten teams that Drew went up against so I don't want us to get all down on Drew Allen because I believe in that kid as well." Despite getting off to a slow start, Allen optimized his playing time once he reappeared late in the third quarter. Allen found Devante McFarlane on his first play of the series for a 17-yard reception. Two plays later he pushed the Orange lead to 54 on a 4-yard completion to Chris Clark in the back of the end zone. But with Hunt at the helm the offensive chemistry was apparent to anyone watching. "I think the kids rallied around him good too. There are some measurable things that we can all look at on a stat sheet but then some things that you can't measure. I think those things, I think he had a little moxy about him, he had a little sense about him that I'm excited about and I look forward to watching that tape. "But I don't want to make it sound like anything more than that. I think we can win with both of these kids. I think Terrel will be ready to start this thing off, I'd be surprised if I feel differently, but I'm going to go back and do my due diligence and watch every snap to make sure That we make the best decision for our team, our school, our students, our community so we can get them another win."