Watch- College Gameday's Jalen Rose talks SU vs. Duke, best frosh in NCAA and more

Jalen Rose speaks with the media prior to the SU vs. Duke game on Saturday

The College Gameday crew is in Syracuse, and today the analysts circled the SU campus in preparation for the record-setting SU vs. Duke matchup on Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Jalen Rose spoke with the media on Friday afternoon, saying the SU vs. Duke game was the best one Gameday has been to all season long, and that it would probably be the best game of the season.

"When you have these two major programs, two coaches that have won over 900 games in the same building, All-Americans on both sides of the floor, expectations of being in the Final Four on both sides, the stakes are high and that's why we are here," Rose, who played at Michigan and in the NBA for 13 years, said. "It's going to be a great atmosphere...these are the type of games that are good for selling collegiate basketball.:

Rose said he saw Derrick Coleman, another former star at the collegiate and NBA level, walking around his hotel, saying, "he might be somewhere in a tent right now himself." (A reference to the students camping out in Boeheimburg over the past couple weeks.)

Rose was asked if he thought SU guard Tyler Ennis or Duke forward Jabari Parker was more deserving as the "best freshman in the country" label.

"I love Ennis, but you have to say Jabari right now," Rose responded, citing Parker getting Duke back on track, literally putting the team on his back in recent games.

Watch the video to hear Rose's full comments, including his comparison of analyzing NBA and collegiate basketball players.