Watch: 'Best friends' Jim Boeheim and Coach K talk about each other at ACC Media Day

Coach K speaks at ACC Media Day on Wednesday

Syracuse Head Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim and Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski were both at ACC Media Day on Wednesday. Although they are now ACC rivals, they both had positive and encouraging things to say about each other.

Over the years, the two have coached alongside each other as well as against each other, but have still maintained a strong friendship.

â??Weâ??re best friends,â?? said Krzyzewski. â??Weâ??ve known each other for decades and the last eight years weâ??ve done some really neat things together for USA basketball.â??

Even when they are not coaching the USA team together, they remain good friends that respect each other and their players.

â??Iâ??ve coached against really good friends a lot and you just donâ??t really look down [the sideline],â?? said Boeheim. â??When we play Duke, Iâ??m concerned about his players and heâ??s concerned about my players and what they are doing.â??