Watch: Drew Allen joins open QB competition for SU preseason camp

Drew Allen addresses media on Sunday.

The much-anticipated start to SU football season is finally here, and on Sunday, Oklahoma transfer quarterback Drew Allen officially began his career as an SU quarterback.

Allen, who backed up stars at Oklahoma like Sam Bradford and more recently Landry Jones, says he's been itching to start for four years, and that he is ready to compete to be the SU starting quarterback on August 31 against Penn State. The competition is something he's familiar with.

"There's competition no matter where you are," Allen says. "Even if you were the starter last year, I still believe there's competition no matter what, you've got to compete every single day whether it's in the summer or whether it's in the spring. The one thing that's important is fall camp, getting with those guys and getting the timing right and just competing every single day."

Allen will compete with sophomore Terrel Hunt, who is listed as the first-string quarterback on the depth chart after the spring session, senior Charley Loeb and junior John Kinder. Several players were asked about Allen's influence on Sunday, most saying they liked his presence as a part of the Orange family. Listed at the top of the depth chart, Hunt realizes it is still an open competition.

"They [the coaches] spoke to me...Coach Shafer said they didn't promise [Drew] anything, he's coming in and competing just like the rest of the guys," Hunt said, then paraphrased. "'We haven't seen anything from him, we haven't seen anything from any of you guys.' Everyone's all new, so may the best man win, no one's getting the upper hand because of where they're from."

In his press conference, SU head coach Scott Shafer said while Allen is a new player, he's considered a senior at Syracuse, and they will do their best to be fair when it comes to getting each quarterback repetitions in practice.

"We're going to try to be real diligent in what reps we get on tape of the kids that are new, Drew included, and then take a look at what we already know about our players that we've had for a few years," Shafer says.

He included that at practice, which begins on Monday, they will split the field at times, doubling the reps not just for the quarterbacks, but for the rest of the squad as well.

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