Watch: Liverpool couple gets engaged during SU's win over NC State

Josh Johnson proposes to Nicole Lyman at the SU game on Saturday

If you've attended a Syracuse basketball game, surely you're familiar with the "Kiss Cam" segment. Where the camera pans and puts couples on the spot to kiss on camera.

That segment took on a whole new meaning Saturday.

The Carrier Dome crew focused on Josh Johnson and Nicole Lyman of Liverpool. They kissed, then Josh got on one knee and offered a beautiful ring to Nicole and asked her to marry him.

She said yes.

The couple kissed, cried, and embraced as more than 31,000 fans cheered wildly.

Johnson, showed off just how much of a fan he is during the engagement. He sported one of the new "Iceman" shirts from Holy Shirt! but with a twist, he had the words "I am also anâ?¦" above the word Iceman.