What do you think of SU's new uniform look?

Drew Allen sports the new SU helmet on Saturday against Tulane

Compared to their first two games of the season, the SU football team has looked a lot different in their last two, scoring more than 50 points in back to back games for the first time since 1997.

While their play has been different, they've looked a little different as well. On Saturday, they debuted a brand new helmet, departing from the traditional SU look. Instead of just the signature Orange color, the helmet faded from blue to orange from top down. The new look was completed by a blue jersey and blue pants, with Orange showing up on wristbands and socks.

Coach Scott Shafer addressed the new look after the game, saying he believes new recruits will be excited about the different looks the Orange have been going with this season.

"Traditionalists...I'm a traditionalist...will say, 'Why are you changing the helmet?'. I went back and I walked through our Hall of Fame area, and I looked at all the uniforms from the past. We're not wearing those quarter-sleeves anymore. We're not wearing the old helmet design," Shafer says.

He says he's excited about the University working with Nike to get a unique look like the one that debuted on Saturday. As for the players, they were instrumental in the making of the new look itself, and say it's a part of bringing the program back to the limelight.

"It's a cool idea," junior Eric Crume, who blocked a punt on Saturday, says. "It comes from the guys before us just working hard and producing wins to help change the program around. So, we've got the fruits of their labor. Even after I'm gone the new guys keep coming in and getting something new."

New combinations are expected throughout the season.