Will Syracuse Police hand over Fine investigation records?

Bernie Fine / file photo

No word yet on whether the Syracuse Police Department has complied with a subpoena to turn over records regarding its investigation of Bernie Fine to the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office.

District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick confirms to CNY Central that whatever happened in State Supreme Court Judge James Murphy's chambers this morning was ordered sealed by the judge. The next court appearance will be Tuesday. Fitzpatrick said "I can't talk about what happened in chambers. I may have a lot more to say on Tuesday."

Fitzpatrick would not confirm whether the City of Syracuse had moved to quash the subpoena, whether his office had moved to hold the City in contempt for not responding to the subpoena for records, or whether the records would be turned over.

Last week police announced they have reopened their investigation into allegations that Fine sexually abused two ball boys in incidents going back to the mid-1980s.

One of the ball boys, Bobby Davis, went public with ESPN and claimed police investigated his allegations in 2003 but told him the statute of limitations would prevent any prosecution against Coach Fine.

As we reported on Friday, District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick was upset his office was not notified of the police investigation into Fine in 2003 nor the internal investigation by Syracuse University in 2005. At the time, Fitzpatrick promised he would closely watch developments regarding the new investigation, but in a surprise development Monday, he convinced Judge Murphy to issue a subpoena for the police records.

Last week, Syracuse University turned over its records to the D.A.'s office.