Action News Athlete: Breanna Stewart

Breanna Stewart

The fact that Cicero-North Syracuse basketball star Breanna Stewart is a third year varsity player would be impressive enough for a senior. But the fact that she TMs only a tenth grade student suggests a very special remainder to her high school career, and a bright future ahead.This week TMs Dunkin TM Donuts Action News Athlete has already received word that she is being watched by a number of Division I recruiters, and her stock may have risen when she played for Team USA over the summer in a tournament in Mexico.So far this year, with the Northstars, she TMs averaging over 21 points per game, 12.2 rebounds and 6.1 blocks and helped the team to a 8-3 record. She says she TMs watching college basketball on TV all the time to get down the timing of the game, and to dream a little bit of what it might be like playing D-I basketball.Stewart does admit, however, that she TMs in no rush to finish high school, and that there TMs a lot more to accomplish for her and her team before she moves on.

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