Action News Athlete: James Cathers

James Cathers

James Cathers is a muti-sport striker. James is renowned in Central New York for his lacrosse prowess, leading Corcoran to a fantastic spring in 2008. As only a sophomore Cathers was a shoo-in to score multiple goals in a given contest.

But right now its hockey season and James is leading Corcoran to a great start at 10-2 (7-0).

Cathers is only a junior, but the Cougars look to him for his leadership. In a recent game at Cortland, Cathers proved not only is he worthy to lead the Cougars, but that he is a special player. Here is an excerpt from his coach Matt Caron's nomination of James as a Dunkin' Donuts Action News Athlete. "We are down playing Cortland on 12/5/08 and James gets 4 penalties (the first 4 penalties) of the game in the first period. If he picks up his fifth penalty, has has to sit out the next league game. Now most kids would have either self-destructed, shut it down, sat out, moped around feeling sorry for themselves and actually hurt their team. So what does James do? He tones his game down a bit, and lies in wait. He plays hard the second period, but is barely visible... then slowly as the crowd, opposing players and officials forget the name "Cathers" he scores a natural hat trick in the third period. The question asked by everyone in the rink was "Where did that come from?" and the answer.....The Silent Assassin. "

A natural hat trick is certainly an incredible feat, but to do it in one period is remarkable and it's performances like that which make James Cathers and Corcoran a force to be reckoned with.

Congratulations to James and good luck to the Cougars on the rest of the season!