Bishop Ludden wins latest battle in the "Holy War" rivalry

Bishop Ludden fans were pumped for the Gaelic Knights' 66-49 win over CBA

Christian Brothers Academy(11-7) and Bishop Ludden(16-2) squared off once again for another â??Holy War.â??

Ludden seniors Ben Hackett and Daniel Kaigler combined for 32 points to help lead the Gaelic Knights to victory.

Charlie Russo scored a team high 12 points for CBA, but it was not enough.

This rivalry has a history of more than 50 years, in fact the first time "The Holy Warâ?? was ever played, happened to be the same day President Kennedy was assassinated.

Seedings for the Section III playoffs will come out tomorrow, with Ludden expecting the top spot.

The Gaelic Knights are looking for a second New York State Championship in three years.

CBA heads into the playoffs with a chip on their shoulders, in hopes to make a run in the tournament.