Campaign complete- CBA senior Sheridan raises more than $20k for Samaritan Center

Jordan Sheridan

It all started when Jordan Sheridan was a sophomore.

Already a volunteer at the Samaritan Center, she was touched by a young patron who loved her bracelet.

She gave it to him, and then decided to give much more to the center.

That day Sheridan decided she'd take pledges from the community for every strikeout she recorded.

Now as a senior, that number is over $20,000 and what's more, is the CBA Softball team still has 2 more games to go plus the postseason.

For those efforts, Sheridan was honored at the Samaritan Center dinner on Friday.

She's a shining example, where the normal high school kid is more concerned with social media among other things, Jordan was on a mission to make sure that no Central New Yorker went hungry.

The Samaritan Center says it can feed one person a meal for a dollar, so in theory, Jordan has fed over 20-thousand meals to Central New York.

She'll continue her softball career at St. Lawrence next season and while she made her impact felt on the softball diamond, especially in 2012. Sheridan's legacy in Central New York will always be how she showed all of us, young and old, what it means to put others before yourself.

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