CBA soccer tops F-M

CBA men's soccer wears red and white uniforms in support of heart health research.

CBA and F-M donned red and white in tonight's derby that featured two of Central New York's top teams. CBA jumped out to the early lead when Parker Johnston capitalized on a corner and the resulting chaos created in the Hornets' box. Just before halftime the Brothers struck once again. As Monte Stromen battled his defender at the sideline F-M keeper Ben Obrist made the ill-fated decision to leave his net. Stromen sent a quick strike past Obrist and into the net to make it 2-0 heading into the half. Ian McConnell added another one for the Brothers in the second half while Tyler Snow saved the Hornets from a shutout. Despite the somewhat lopsided score, CBA keeper Mike Smith was certainly tested tonight with 13 shots on goal, 12 saves. Obrist allowed two goals and made six saves. F-M keeper Mike Brady allowed one goal and made four saves.
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