CBA's Jack Sheridan wins $20,000 scholarship from FootLocker Scholar Athletes Program

CBA senior pitcher Jack Sheridan, who will pitch at Le Moyne next year, was awarded a $20,000 scholarship from the FootLocker Scholar Athletes Program.

A Central New York high school athlete was the recipient of a major award on Monday afternoon.

Jack Sheridan, a senior pitcher for the Christian Brothers Academy baseball team, defied the odds and beat Leukemia last year.

Now, Sheridan is making headlines on a national level.

The FootLocker Scholar Athlete Program awards 20 high school athletes, across America, with a $20,000 scholarship to go towards that chosen athlete's college expenses.

Of those 20 awarded, a total of 37,000 applicants aim to land the hefty award.

Sheridan will be playing his college baseball at Le Moyne next year, and detailed his eventful day, which began with more cancer treatments.

"Today was sort of a wild day," Sheridan explained. "I woke up and had to go to the hospital -- not the best day -- got through it. Then I was looking forward to the game, but the game got cancelled. Little did I know that FootLocker was going to be here and all the students and faculty were [also] going to be here. Just a crazy day that couldn't have really ended any better.

"I'd just like to thank FootLocker so much," he continued. "College is a financial burden, but to be able to give a large scholarship like that is just going to be so helpful. So, thank you so much."

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