CBA's Sheridan ends high school softball career with another $10,000 donation to Samaritan Center

Jordan Sheridan (file photo)

Jordan Sheridan has shown us all a lesson.

The now graduate of Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse doesn't just have a golden arm on the softball diamond, but she has a heart of gold as well.

Sheridan delivered $10,227 to the Samaritan Center of Syracuse on Tuesday. It's the third year in a row she's delivered such a check, after taking pledges from the community for every strikeout she records on the softball season.

This year, 133 strikeouts correlated to that $10,227 mark.

Her three year money total donated to the Samaritan Center?

Over $25,000.

It's a fitting end to her high school career. One that anyone who crossed paths with Jordan will ever forget.

Our paths crossed back in 2010, when as a 14-year old freshman, Sheridan pitched a perfect game for CBA.

The next year, she began taking pledges. And along the way of raising $25,000 she helped lead CBA to a Section III title in 2012.

Sheridan's outlook has been beyond admirable. She and her teammates once had a saying after a loss, that even though the Brothers fell short, "at least it was a good day for the Samaritan Center"

Sheridan, in the long run hopes that her efforts and compassion can inspire other local student-athletes to do the same.

"In the 2009 (National) Championshp game, Tim Tebow wore John 3:16 on his eye black. And during that game 92 million people looked up that verse (in the Bible). So, he's Tim Tebow, it's not going to be the same for me but one person made 92 million people look up something. So I could hopefully make a difference like that, and that's what I want people to learn" Sheridan said.

Jordan will attend St. Lawrence University in the fall, but of course, her legacy on the Central New York sports scene lives on forever on the diamond at CBA and in the cafeteria at the Samaritan Center.

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