CNY Central Athlete- Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan, CNY Central Athlete

Mary Morgan transferred to Corcoran High School as a freshman, and she says it's the best decision she ever made. Those who have played with her in the Corcoran softball and basketball teams are pretty glad she made that decision too. This week's CNYCentral Athlete is the "tough as nails" catcher on the softball team and the senior leader guard on the basketball team this season, ready to end her high school career the only way she knows how, with everything she has.

"She is a remarkable human being," says Corcoran Head Coach Jim Marsh, "she is a leader in the essence of the word, She even corrects me at times when it's needed, she makes me a better coach, and I can say that about very few players in my history. It's been my privilege to have the experience of having Mary Morgan in my program."

Morgan says she likes to lead by example, and admits she's not a yeller. She plays with confidence and gives everything she has on the court and in the classroom, and hopes that's enough to inspire those around her.

"I never give up," says Morgan, " I've had older siblings, older brothers pushing me forward, and it's just rubbed off of me. Hopefully (for the) younger kids, I'll rub off on them. Hard work pays off, definitely. Practice in the rain, practice by yourself, academically and athletically, it just pays off."

Morgan has big plans for next year, and she's still choosing between a number of great schools. Her goal is to get into the health profession because she loves to work with, and help others.