CNY Central Athlete: Camilleri Leading the Lancers

The Lafayette girls soccer team is enjoying some amazing early season success, beating Pulaski 5-4 this past Saturday, a huge comeback after being down 4-1 at halftime. This week's CNYCentral Athlete Elise Camilleri scored 4 goals in the game, leading the way, just as the senior has been since she was called up to varsity in the 8th grade.

"She's been working really hard with this team through the lean years," says Head Coach Damon Derbyshire, "this is now her 5th year at the varsity level, she's been made a captain this year, she's showed great leadership and really stepped up in that sense, just a good story all around."

"We're definitely a very close team, very comfortable with each other," says Camilleri, "nobody sits out, we do everything together. I try as hard as I can to be a leader and have them look up to me and know how hard they have to push every game."

And while Mailleri says she hopes to play Soccer in College as well, right now she's concentrating on her senior year, and leaving a lasting mark with the Lafayette Soccer Team.

"She leads by example and that's great," says Derbyshire , "not just in younger girls hearing what she has to say but seeing the way she plays and how hard she works."