CNY Central Athlete: Taylor-Rae Danforth

They say gymnastics is one of the most difficult arts to master in the wide world of sports.

Which is what makes Jamesville-Dewitt's Taylor-Rae Danforth even more impressive.

Danforth is a junior at J-D and has worked hard at improving her talents. The hard work was evident not just with the results in competition, but with recognition from both her community and her coach.

Danforth was named a captain for this year's Red Ram squad, and that's saying a lot with the multiple Section III titles J-D has won the past ten years. It's equally impressive that Taylor-Rae earned the honor as a junior.

What's more, this past Monday Danforth won the Female Individual Athlete Believe to Achieve Award, put on by the Syracuse Sports Corporation.

Danforth says her ultimate goal would be to compete in the Olympics, but even the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level would be a dream come true. The interesting thing is, if she improved this much from her sophomore to junior seasons, imagine what's in store for her final year at J-D.

But before that, the Red Rams are focused on the State Tournament, which is held in March.

Congratulations to Taylor-Rae Danforth, this week's CNY Central Athlete.