CNYCentral Athlete- CBA's Joey Pascarella


he Christian Brothers Academy football team is thankful for winning a
Section Three Title this Thanksgiving Holiday, and for making it to the New York State Final Four. While the Brothers were eliminated in the State semifinals last weekend, the team is still very thankful it had Joey Pascarella to lead the way all year long.



t's hard to explain how special Joey Pascarella is," says CBA head coach Joe Casamento, "i've never seen a kid get as much out of his talent and his size as Joey does. Every down, every rep, everything in practice is just a hundred percent, all day every day. He leads us in prayer, he takes care of meetings, he does everything for us. He's just a great leader and a great kid, and his passion for the games kind of spreads through the whole team"

The senior

provided leadership as a hard-hitting linebacker on defense and a tough running back on offense.


e showed the team all year long that hard work and dedication pays off




t's a tradition for us and for everyone else," says Pascarella, "the guys from the past always talk to me and they always text me every week saying good luck this week, I hope you (win) it, get it done for the past teams and everything else. So the opportunity for me myself (to lead the way), it's a big one."