CNYCentral Athlete- Christian Brothers Academy's Jack Pfohl

Jack Pfohl recently received "All-CNY" honors for his work as a wide receiver for the Christian Brothers Academy Football Team, but now this week's CNYCentral Athlete is ready to transfer that senior leadership to the hardwood. CBA has gotten off to a slow start, but Pfohl says he's looking forward to leading the Brothers to a winnig state of mind, just like his seniors did for him and his team last season.

"In my sophomore year we had great leadership," Pfohl recalls, "(I had) a bunch of role models on the team, so I definitely want to follow in their footsteps, and being a senior this year I definitely want to do what they did. I lead by example, I'm not very mouthy unless I have to be."

"He's not a vocal leader, agrees CBA Head Coach Buddy Wleklinski

, " but he's one that plays hard, and he's going after every loose ball. Offensive rebound is probably his specialty, he's always able to get around the basket."

His stellar physical play on the court is a product of his passion for the game of Football. The CBA Brothers won the Section III Title this passed season, and that championship feeling has him hungry for more on the court.



ow that he's coming off the football season, certainly the success they had in football, we're hoping that's going to translate here,

" says Wleklinski,


that he understands what it takes to get to a certain level, and trying to help us get that same focus so we can do the same."

"I like to play as hard as I can all the time, "


Pfhol, "because there's gonna be some games where shots aren't going to be falling, but you can always be playing your hardest every single game."