CNYCentral Athlete- Westhill's Anna Ross

The Westhill Warriors knew they ha


a talented team coming into the season, but few could have predicted a perfect 12-0 start. The Warriors are a very young team with just two seniors, but it's sophomore Anna Ross who is helping to make up for that lack of experience. Ross leads the team so far this season, averaging over 17 points a game, and head coach Sue Ludwig says she leads by example.

"She's really developed an overall offensive game now," says Ludwig, "she has a three point shot and she goes well to the basket, she's always been known as a slasher, but I think her main asset to us is her defense. She has great instincts she has great athleticism and offensively she makes the other team change the way they want to do things."

More is expected of Ross than most


but having been a captain as a freshman, responsibility is something she's gotten used to.

"It was really surprising as a freshman to have people looking up to you", says Ross, "I'm probably not more like the talker and telling people what to do, but (instead) doing it myself, you know."

"She definitely does lead by example, she's always trying to push herself, she's trying to do the best she can", explains

Gwen Dougherty, "she's a hard worker, she just dogs it out there, she seems to never get tired, she just pushes through everybody, if she gets knocked down she gets right back up and tries to come out and help us again."