CNYCentral Athlete: Auburn's Claire Minnoe

This week's CNYCentral Athlete is Auburn's Claire Minnoe. She is deserving of that title for doing something a Section III girls singles tennis player has never done before.After winning the Section III Tennis title this year, Minnoe went on to place third in the State of New York after advancing to the State tournament semifinals.

"I practice hard each and every day," says Minnoe, "and I work on my fitness hard, and I'm out on the court three hours a day so definitely all that work has paid off."

Minnoe's head coach Shelly Connors doesn't like to take a lot of the credit for the Auburn junior's success, but certainly enjoyed seeing her come into her own when it mattered the most.

"It was really impressive how much she has come since last year, " says Connors, "she was so good to begin with already, but now there more parts of her game that's come in, and her serve has been a huge assett this year, something that she didn't have last year."

"It feels great," says Minnoe, "and I loved every minute of it. Being on the team since the 7th grade it's been such a great experience."

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