CNYCentral Athlete; ES-M's Jordan Barton

T he East Syracuse- Minoa Football team is still perfect on the season as they prepare to take on Indian River to try and earn themselves a spot in the Section III Championship. Any member of the Spartans would tell you that it would have been very tough to be in this position without the efforts of a guy they call "the eraser". His real name is Jordan Barton, although this week we're calling him our CNYCentral Athlete. He's a big time weapon on offense, and a huge part of the defensive at linebacker.

"We call him the eraser because he's always at the right place at the right time, " explains ES-M head coach Kevin DeParde, " he's an excellent all - around player, one of the better ones we've had here in a long time, and he has great character on top of that which makes it even nicer."

" I t's like the best team I've ever played on pretty much, " says Barton, "and everybody loves each other and cares a lot about each other and we show it on the football field."

But as impressive as Barton is on the field, the main reason the Spartans are one win away from a Carrier Dome game is because of Barton's leadership along with the other seniors."

" W e have to show our senior leadership to the younger kids so they can do the same thing for years to come."

" H e's not a big talker, " adds DeParde, " but he's 100 percent every time he steps on the field no matter what we ask him to do, a n d we ask him to do a lot."

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