CNYCentral Athlete Keith Tyson finally ready to lead Henninger

He's the kind of player every basketball coach would hope to have on his team, and this week's CNYCentral Athlete is so very proud to be a key member of the Henninger Black Knights. Keith Tyson II is what you might refer to as "a program kid", he's played for the Black Knights since Junior Varsity, and spent last season playing off the bench. As a senior coming into this season, it's his turn to step in and be a team leader, and he says he's more than up for the challenge.

"You see the banners," reflects Tyson, "it's a blessing to be here, but we've got to keep it going and try to get another up there."

Henninger Head Coach Erik Saroney says he never has to worry about Tyson, and likes the way he's been working with the team in his new senior leader role so far.

"He's an unbelievable kid," says Saroney, "he's being recruited by Alfred University, an 85 to 90 student, excellent citizen, excellent kid, and I think our kids have taken his leadership in that role really well this year."

"(Coach is) looking for me to keep the kids in check," says Tyson, "and make sure everybody is alright. I think I'm doing well, I'm trying to keep the team ready. I like the way that we react to situations, and how we're doing in practice so far."

Tyson and Henninger get the season started when they face Jamesville-Dewitt on December 7th in the Peppino's Invitational.