CNYCentral Athlete; Liverpool's Emma Lamison

CNYCentral athlete Emma Lamison

Y ou won't find many Section III athletes more talented or experienced than Liverpool's Emma Lamison, the central midfielder for the Warriors field hockey team. The team is 11-and-0 so far this season, and part of the reason for that is the fact they have a junior who's been an All-State selection every year since the 8th grade. Last season she led the league with 23 goals and 11 assists, and is already well on her way to surpass that this season, once again leading the league with 13 goals and 10 assists. But her head coach Kim Dominick says her defensive impact is just as impressive.

"Her stick work is just phenomenal," says Dominick, "her defensive stick work especially, she's hard to get by, and then when she has the ball she's hard to be stopped."

"I always go into a game thinking I don't want them to score at all," admits Lamison, "so I always have that defensive mindset first, and then it's the goals."

Coach Dominick admits there are several senior leaders on this very successful Warriors team, but somehow Lamison has still found a way to stand out and earn respect.

"She is a natural leader, a lot of girls look to her for guidance on the field and off the field. We have great senior leadership, so that role is a huge role but it's a natural role for her."

"I'm usually telling people where to go because I've had so much experience that I know where people should be," explains Lamison, "It's just a matter of getting people in the right direction and encouraging them and always having a positive attitude on the field.

L amison says she wants to continue playing field hockey in college , but since she's only a junior her options are still wide open.