CNYCentral Athlete: Wolfgang Shafer

F-M's Wolfgang Shafer may be the son of SU Football's Defensive Coordinator Scott Shafer, but this week's CNYCentral Athlete has turned his knowledge of defensive schemes into two straight offensive blowout victories for the Hornets. F-M beat Oswego last week 75-6 after beating Utica Proctor 56-21 the week before that. Shafer has a 61.5 passing percentage over the first three games, and has passed for 531yards and 8 touchdowns.

"He's a smart player," says F-M Head Coach Paul Muench, "he's grown up around football. His work ethic (is great) , his weight room time, throwing on the side and worrying about the film work and the checks."

According to Muench Shafer works relentlessly on studying the playbook, and making sure that the entire team is on the right page.

"Coach sets up plays for me that we work out in practice week in and week out," says Shafer, "In the off-season we've done so much, helping me learn all these plays, helping me make the reads, and it's just payed off."

"He seems to get us in the right plays," adds Muench, "he throws to the right guys, and he really is an accurate passer and a confident and competitive kid."

Shafer seems to be a quarterback the coaches love to work with. He loves to be led, and also thrives on leading himself.

"He gives the appearance like the coach has always made the right call," jokes Muench, "there's numerous guys to throw to, and when he picks the right ones he does well, and at the same time he keeps moving at a very good pace."

Shafer certainly has his work cut out for him in week four, as his 2-1 Hornets will travel to West Genesee High School to take on the 3-0 Wildcats.