CNYCentral Athletes; Honor the Code

The Marcellus Mustangs are always known for their success on the soccer field, both the boys and girls soccer teams always seem to be successful. And while the girls are still celebrating after clinching a league championship, it's what two particular student athletes are doing off the field that earned them the title of this week's CNYCentral Athlete. Matthew Tice and Dani Felty are leading the pilot program "Honor the Code", an initiative to steer their fellow students away from drugs and alcohol.

"It really makes the bonding outside of game and practice a more healthy environment, " says Tice , "for all age groups on the team."

"I see all these younger kids, "reflects Felty, "who haven't really gotten into the bigger problems and the bigger issues that surround our high school, or any high school for that matter looking up to us. And it really helps to know we're affecting at least some portion of our high school. Even if we can't reach all of the students, knowing we at least reached any amount of them is helpful and very encouraging"

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