Empire Revolution U15 girls soccer team heading to national finals

Coach McGrane addresses the team before practice on Thursday evening

It has been a wild season for the Empire Revolution U15 Girls Soccer team.

Through many hard fought wins and battling through some rough losses, the Revolution have earned their first-ever spot in the National Finals in Overland, Kansas. They officially earned this honor when they beat the Virginia State Champions in the Region 1 Tournament 2-1 earlier this month. This is the first time a team from the Empire Revolution organization has reached the national finals in their history.

â??It's a tremendous honor for these girls because they are at the top, top level and some the clubs weâ??re playing are huge cities, huge towns, so for us to be there says a lot about the staff that we have with Empire and the kids we have and the development that we do is tremendous,â?? raves Head Coach Brian McGrane.

For the girls, this is an experience that they have only dreamed of up until now.

â??Itâ??s definitely been a dream,â?? says Taylor Bennett, a 10th grader from Dryden, NY. â??Itâ??s a once in a lifetime chance. Weâ??ve definitely didnâ??t expect this but we definitely deserve it.â??

For many of them, the realization of their success is still fresh and yet to fully set in.

â??Once you start playing...thatâ??s when it sets in,â?? says Chloe Borasky, an 11th grader from C-NS. â??Itâ??s like, alright, this is the real deal we have to do well.â??

The Revolution will play in the national finals from July 21 to July 28. They will play Regional Championship teams from Ohio, Florida, and California.

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