F-M Cross Country honored for its 3 straight titles

The Hornets say the preparations for National Title #4 have already begun.

When Fayetteville-Manlius Girls Cross Country won the 2006 national championship, the team admits they were surprised. After winning the team's third straight national title in 2008 the Hornets are still surprised, but for a different reason.

One national championship is beyond special, but to win three in a row is simply mind boggling, and something the Hornets will never forget. "Just the national championship alone is a huge deal but like to be the third year in a row is like awesome" says junior Mackenzie Carter.

Senior Amanda Eisenson echoes those statements. "It was just really great to be a part of it, it feels so special. I love my team, we're all so close and just to finally reach that senior year was so amazing."

Believe it or not, the Hornets say preparations for a fourth national title in a row have already started. "At the end of the race he was saying we're thinking this is the next season right now. Next season has started. That's really what we do. We start thinking about next season we never dwell on the past" stated junior Molly Malone.

Coach Bill Aris says that's been his approach with all three national titles. Why should he prepare his team any differently? Simply put, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. "No predictions but we take one year at a time, every one of those years was one year at a time. And as I said to you before we're working on 2009 as we speak" said Aris.

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