"Golden Girl" Stewart back in Syracuse

For the second straight year, Breanna Stewart returned to Syracuse with a FIBA gold medal worn proudly around her neck. The Cicero-North Syracuse star was a big part of Team USA's Under 17 team in France, a team that took the gold medal with a 92-62 win over the host team at the World Championships. All this just one year after Stewart won gold in Mexico City at the FIBA Americas Under 16 Tournament.

As friends and family welcomed her at the airport on Monday night with balloons and a giant red white and blue cookie, Stewart tried to reflect back at just what her and her team had accomplished.

"Well last year it was just like half of the world," says Stewart, "and this year it was like the whole world. So it was bigger (to me)."

Even more amazing is the fact that Stewart is still only 15 years old, and eligible to play for the Under 17 team for the next 2 years. Breanna scored 8 points in the gold medal game and was certainly among the most valuable players on the team. For instance, in a big win over Japan she scored 30 points along with 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks. Stewart says this latest experience has taken her game to a whole new level.

"I think you have more experience because you did it last year, but then there was also bigger players than there was last year and better players than there were last year that you're playing against."

Stewart says she'll proudly put her latest gold medal side by side with last year's gold. As she gets ready for her junior year at C-NS, there will more than likely be many more gold medals to come.