It's official- West Genesee's Mike Messere has the most wins in high school lacrosse history

The West Genesee community presented this commemorative Native American lacrosse stick to Coach Messere.

Midway through the second quarter of West Genesee's 7-3 win over Oswego on Thursday night, West Genny Head Coach Mike Messere was yelling to the officials.

Unnoticed by anyone in attendance, players, officials, and other coaches Oswego had too many men on the field.

Of course, Messere recognized it, brought it to the referee's attention, and he proceeded to make the call.

Things like that are what set Messere apart from the rest. And now, there's tangible evidence of that. With West Genesee's win over Oswego, Messere set the record for most wins by a high school lacrosse coach with 748.

As the final horn sounded after the Wildcats won a hard fought game with the Buccaneers there weren't bells and whistles. Rather, there were hand shakes and congratulations from Messere to his most recently disposed opponent. Another sign of Messere's sportsmanship, and that continued when I asked him how it felt to set the record after the game.

"It feels good, it's great for these kids to be a part of it, to be the team that did it....they're a big part of a big family and everyone feels a part of it." Messere stated.

For the players on the current team, who already felt like a part of history as a member of the storied Wildcat program, tonight further affirmed that sentiment.

"It's cool to be a part of that, and it's something we're going to live with forever and it's a special moment." said senior captain Matt Schattner.

Of course, Messere was, well, Messere when asked certain questions. Already focused on his next game, he responded "I'm thinking about Saturday against J-D" when I asked if he could put things in prospective.

Another reporter asked, tongue-in-cheek if there'd be another 748 wins. Messere smiled and replied "Ask my wife."