Kayleigh carries on the Cavanaugh name at Jamesville-Dewitt

While Ka


leigh Cavanaugh is the daughter of John Canavaugh, two-time All American at Hamilton College, and the sister of Tyler, who's heading to Wake Forest next year,



definitely not living in their shadows. Ka


leigh helped lead her Jamesville-Dewitt team to a Section III Class A Championship this season, and is currently playing with some of the best players in Section III at the Zebra Classic.

She's also this week's CNYCentral Athlete.



ou just have to come in and think you're the best play and just play your game

, Kayleigh says of what it's like to compete in Section III, "y

ou can't let anyone take you out of your game, you've just got to play hard all of the time. Your going against some great athletes so you've just gotta take it for what it is and do your best."



leigh led her championship Red Rams team in scoring, rebounds, assists, and threes as a junior this past season, and is looking forward to continu


the Cavanaugh name as a senior

next year.

Her main competitor in the off-season though will be her brother Tyler.



e always tries to challenge me to one on ones, I always try to give him a run for his money. I beat him every now and then, but it's fun to have someone my age that I can compete with and push me to do my best.


ll this hard work I've put in has paid off, I've worked a lot with my shot with m


brother, and it's definitely paid off a lot."

Congratulations to Kayleigh Cavanugh, this week's CNYCentral Athlete.