Local high school pitcher hoping to strike out hunger

Jordan Sheridan

Christian Brothers Academy's Jordan Sheridan isn't just one of the best pitchers in the Central New York softball scene, she's also one of the most charitable.

Jordan is taking the initiative to raise money for The Samaritan Center soup kitchen of Central New York. She's doing so by taking pledges from donors for every strikeout she records, and the pledges range from five cents to one dollar per strikeout.

Jordan says she was compelled to do this after a recent visit to the Samaritan Center when she met a young boy. A bond was formed when the boy noticed Jordan was wearing a "silly band" of his favoite animal, a giraffe. As the boy went off to eat, he waved goodbye to her, and she ran after him to give him the silly band, much to the young boy's delight.

"The smile" Sheridan says. "That's what inspired me to do this."

It's safe to say the Samaritan Center will be receiving a hefty donation at season's end. Jordan's a top-notch pitcher, and as a freshman last year she recorded a perfect game. Her average is 200 strikeouts per season.

If you would like to donate, whether it be a set amount or a donation-per-strikeout, send an email to: