MacPherson heads to Georgetown with Orange in his blood

Cam MacPherson grew up surrounded by the ultimate Orange allegiance. It's easy to bleed Orange when your grandfather is legendary Orange Head Football Coach Dick Macpherson. Cam says Coach Mac told him to follow his heart as he chose where he'd play college football, and his heart told him to sign on with Georgetown. And even Cam, this week's CNYCentral Athlete, admits it will be tough to sway him not to cheer for the Orange over Georgetown, at least on the basketball court.



t was definitely hard to find this hat in Syracuse," joked Cam MacPherson after his signing ceremony, "obviously I've got ties to Syracuse, it will be tough to get me to cheer for anyone but them, especially going to Georgetown, a heated rival, but maybe with the conference change it won't be as difficult."

"I think a place like Georgetown is a good fit for him," says Cam's brother Macky, "because he is a very smart kid. He's a lot smarter than I am."

Cam says he loves the academic reputation of Georgetown, and says the coaching staff and atmosphere as a whole was an easy sell for him. Macky noted that the Orange never play Georgetown in football, but that it would be pretty fun if they did.