Making his mark- Baldwinsville's Matt Monaco inspired to compete on the golf course

A picture from four years ago, when Matt Monaco met Tiger Woods at Turning Stone.

It's cold outside, and the weather isn't exactly conduicive to hitting the golf course. But, in many cases, wintertime is when champions are made in Section 3, as golfers try to get as many swings in as possible in preparation for the sectional tournament.

One of those golfers is our CNY Central athlete Matthew Monaco from Baldwinsville High School. Monaco is a sophomore who averaged about 36 on the links this past fall, earning him co-player of the year in the CNYCL National division, helping his Baldwinsville team win their league as well.

While he is a member of the Baldwinsville hockey team, Monaco has been working to get to the Golf Dome at Turning Stone Casino whenever possible, as he has a tee time in sectional play in the Spring.

"Yeah it's hard because you got to keep practicing over winter so you're ready to go when it comes to the spring," Monaco says. "Some schools have the Spring season, you just got to motivate yourself to keep coming and practicing so you're ready for it."

Still just a sophomore, Monaco can the driver about 270 yards, something that lights up the eyes of his coaches and peers in the game of golf, seeing loads of potential. Speaking of potential, Monaco shares a moment with someone who had potential at the age of 3...Tiger Woods.

Back in 2009, Monaco was the subject of this report by Niko Tamurian of how he met Tiger Woods who was at Atunyote, and happened to bump into Matt and his father.

It's a moment Monaco won't forget, and after sharing those few seconds with one of the greats, Monaco's motivation is still to simply 'be the best', much like Tiger Woods himself.