Nottingham relay team wins New York State Championship in thrilling fashion

The New York State Champion 4x200 relay team surrounds Nottingham shot-put state qualifier Shayna Santarelli-Hansen

It was less than a week ago that we featured Nottingham student athletes as our CNY Central Athletes.

Now the 4x200 relay team we featured has won a New York State Championship, and it did so in memorable fashion.

You see, at the "seeding race" on Saturday Nottingham admittedly didn't run a good race (by their standards) and they placed 9th which is one spot outside the final slot for the New York State championship race.

Then, fate intervened.

Suddenly the team heard over the loudspeakers that they had to report to the track. The reason? Another team was disqualified from the title race. The next team in line to compete? Nottingham.

And the Bulldogs made the most of the opportunity.

Nottingham, comprised of Tyquon Hightower, Romeo Kpolo, Jefari Davis and Sterling Lowry blazed past the competition, capturing a state title with a time of just over 1:35. The team finished 2nd in the Federation Cup but that's almost irrelevant to the Bulldogs who can now say they are New York State champs.

Congrats to the Nottingham Bulldogs who overcame the odds and made the most of a second chance and won it all.