Perfect Red Rams creating a big football buzz at Jamesville Dewitt High School

Jamesville Dewitt High School has most certainly been known as a successful basketball and lacrosse school in recent years, but these days the whole school is buzzing about football. The Red Rams are a perfect 4-0 on the season as they head towards this week's huge Class A American matchup with 3-1 Nottingham, and the players don't seem to be surprised by that at all.

"A few years ago when coach
(Eric) Ormond took over we implemented a whole different offense and defense," says Red Rams center Zach Shapiro, "and really tried to use out strengths towards like our smaller line and more athletic backs and I think that's been really working out for us."



e always have great athletes in the program," adds running back and defensive back Josiah Willams, "right now we have multiple players that are doing well for out program."

Ormond gives the credit for this years success to all the players the players that have played for him over the past few years, and for all the leaders who have laid the foundation for the 2012 Red Rams football team.

"Each year we have a sense o


continuity with the group that's come before them," says
Ormond, "and if you see any of our games this year you'll see a hand full, half a dozen or so of former players on the sideline and showing their support. They're really proud of the program and I think our current players really appreciate that."

The Red Rams host Nottingham this Friday at 6:30 PM.