Raw Video- Damien Rhodes vs. Wolfgang Shafer in a free throw shooting contest

Damien Rhodes and Wolfgang Shafer after their free throw duel

Halftime of Friday's Fayetteville-Manlius vs. Henninger boys basketball game provided quite the entertainment.

Damien Rhodes, the former F-M and SU football star, is now the head coach of F-M football. And on Friday, he battled Hornet senior Wolfgang Shafer in a free throw shooting contest.

Shafer, of course, was the Hornets quarterback and is heading to Ithaca College next year to play for the Bombers. He's also the son of SU Head Coach Scott Shafer.

The game, was simple, who could make more free throws in one minute. While the officialy tally was inconclusive, we'll let you take a look and decide for yourself.