Raw Video- Watch young D.J. Villnave get the crowd pumped at the C-NS blanket drive

D.J. Villnave

Young D.J. Villnave teaches us all a lesson, no matter how young or old.

A couple years ago he watching a news story about the Rescue Mission helping those in need.

While most of us might have felt a moment of grief or let the feeling pass, D.J. looked at the blanket he was using and thought he could help out the cold and homeless with a simple act.

And has he ever.

This year's blanket drive collected well over 100 blankets for the Rescue Mission.

And, as we told you last week, D.J.'s drive has already collected a couple hundred blankets over the past three winters.

Watch the video player as D.J. gets a standing ovation, and even a "DJ!" chant from the fans at the C-NS vs. Central Square basketball game on Friday night.