Raw video: 8-seed Utica-Notre Dame upsets 1-seed Syracuse ITC 32-28

The Utica-Notre Dame football team celebrates after their upset win over Syracuse ITC on Friday night

In the biggest upset of the 2013 postseason thus far, Utica-Notre Dame beat undefeated Syracuse ITC 32-28. Jugglers quarterback Kevin Warmack racked up 281 yards rushing and totaled four touchdowns on the day.

It was a back and forth battle all night long, and the two teams went into the half tied at 14. After Notre Dame opened the scoring the second half with a Warmack to Nick Abraham touchdown pass.

But, Syracuse ITC responded, as Zhamir Wright ran 26 yards for a touchdown. Lucky Pettiford then ran the 2-point conversion into the end zone, giving the Eagles the 22-21 lead.

Utica-Notre Dame manufactured another long drive, capped off by a Warmack touchdown. Abraham then caught the 2-point conversion pass from Warmack. On their next possession, Abraham kicked a 32-yard field goal to give the Jugglers the 10 point lead in the fourth quarter.

DeLee Wlliams would score his second touchdown of the game on the Eagles' next possession, but Notre Dame ran the clock down, finishing with a triumphant kneel down inside Tech's 20 yard line.

The Eagles finish the season at 7-1, which Notre Dame improves to 5-3 and will face 5-seed General Brown in the Class C semifinals next week.

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