Sister Power: Fayetteville-Manlius Girls Lacrosse Features Trio of Siblings

Annie and Kaylee Steigerwald are one of three pairs of sisters with the Fayetteville-Manlius girls lacrosse program.

"It's been really special coaching sisters just because of being able to play with my own sister, and now coach with her," Kristen Taylor said.

Kristen and Kelly [Tormey] Taylor know far too well the power of family and lacrosse.

And now, the two that teamed up to bring Fayetteville-Manlius to the top of the New York State Girls Lacrosse roughly one decade ago, are the same ones leading another pair of sisters to heights that they once saw as players.

"It's really fun," Annie and Kaylee Steigerwald said. "It's really fun. I mean, we do everything together. But it's definitely way better having a sister on the field. We've been played since we were very little and it's always been us two. We've just been doing things ever since."

"Well, it definitely creates a sense of comfort knowing that I have my sister. We're really, really close with the Steigerwald twins. We've been playing with each other for a while, so it's definitely a sense of comfort. We know where each other is on the field at all times. It's really nice. And with our coaches being sisters, they bring that family dynamic to the team.

Katie Shanley, Kiera Shanley, Annie Steigerwald and Kaylee Steigerwald -- four individuals, but each has an identical sister, which means telling each other apart is almost a job in itself for the Taylor's.

"Early on it was very confusing," the Taylors said with a smile. "Even now, it helps when they wear their hair differently. It helps that Kaylee still has a knee brace on. But they're great about it. They just laugh when we mix them up. We tell them to just tell us when we get them wrong because it's hard sometimes when they're all the way across the field. They really do look so much alike.

"But like Kristen said, having that sister environment is exciting," Kelly Tormey added. "But all of our girls have really just come together as a team where there is that closeness among all of them."

Each has learned plenty about lacrosse, but even more about the strength of family.

It's a strength that they hope powers the Hornets to another New York State Championship.

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