Springer Twins double up on senior leadership for the Liverpool Warriors


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CNYCentral Athletes have been almost inseparable for most of their lives, but twin brothers Dillon and Dustin Springer have both become fierce competitors in their own unique ways. They're both big senior linebackers and tight ends on the Liverpool Warriors football team, Dillon has long blonde hair while Dustin has a buzz cut, but both say there's a natural competitiveness that comes from being twin brothers.

"Motivation wise it's definitely a huge thing," says Dillion,"sprints at the end of practice, you're tired and you look over and you see (your brother) beating you, and you think you can't let him beat you. Having a twin that everyone thinks shares the same abilities, the same speed the same size and the same strengths, kinda helps push (you) and makes sure you're not slacking."

"He's definitely a little more aggressive than I am," admits Dustin, "he's more willing to blitz right through the line, but we're both willing to yell at anybody who's stepping out of line."

Head Coach Dave Mancuso certainly appreciates the senior leadership that the twins bring, especially because they're able to double it up.



ne's a little more vocal and the other one's a little more physical," explains Liverpool Head Coach Dave Mancuso, "but the great part is they get the same amount of respect from everybody".



e're close on this football team," reflects Dustin, "but there's times when you need somebody to really get your back, and it's great to have a twin on your team, your brother that you know you can depend on no matter what."



e share a room," laughs Dillion, "so he's sitting on my bed and I'm sitting in his bed and we're like oh yah we gotta do this against F-M, so it's interesting and it's fun."

The Springer twins are ready to help lead the Warriors are to their biggest test of the season so far when they take on the 3 and 0 Fayetteville-Manlius Hornets this Friday night.