Three C-NS Softball stars sign National letters of intent together

It was an emotional Thursday for three C-NS Softball players, all signing on with division one schools. Catching Lindsay Silfer confirmed she's heading to Canisius, while pitcher Sydney O


Hara signed on the dotted line with Syracuse University and Amy Van Hoven made it official that she'll play at Fordham. The three players say that they're all best friends, and living out their dreams together in front of their peers, parents and coaches is something they'll never forget.



t means the World to me," says O'Hara, "I have played softball with Lindsey and Amy since like 10 and under. Lindsay was my catcher since fifth grade I think it was, so we've been through everything together.'

"They're my best friends," says Silfer, " so it means a lot to me to have them here with me, and we've always been supportive of each other, and we've always worked through everything together, so it's nice to be doing this with them."

"Syd and Linds


y are my two best friends in the World," says Van Hoven, "and we've shared every softball experience together no matter what it was, so to have this together it's just another, it's great."